We have all styles of Pole Dance at our studio:


- Pole Sport


- Pole Classique/Exotic


- Pole Art


Our studio specialized on dancing, so we also have other dance classes/courses in

our schedule like Twerk, FloorWork, ChairDance and LapDance. 


To make your training process more effective we also have regular flexibility and strength classes.


At our studio you can build your schedule in a comfortable way and choose how you want to train. and which classes you want to visit. If you want to do only pole sport or only flexibility and exotic or any other combination all is possible.


We have morning and evening classes during the weekdays and on weekends as well. 


You can train with unlimited membership or with 1/5/10 packs of classes, you can join closed groups/special courses and intensives and book private classes join free aerial classes or rent a hall. Our instructors are always ready to help you to make you training process effective, fun and comfortable. 


We are not just a fitness center, we train in small groups and pay lots of attention to every student.

We are open for all genders, ages and levels. If you have questions or need recommendations or help with building your training program write to rebel@rebelstudio.dk.