We are located in the heart of Nørrebro, we have high ceilings, but not least space around the poles. We are all about personality and attitude.


Your Born With Wings- why prefer crawl through life?

Jessie-Bee's passion is classic pole dance in spinning pole. Her german mentality shines through in her hard and effective training, yet always with a smile and her loud wild-child attitude. Jessie-Bee has been pole dancing for 6 years and been teaching more then 3 years. Jessie-Bee combines strength, acrobatics and flow. 

Jessie-Bee has taken several workshops at international polestars and has traveled all over the world with pole dance. 

Work Hard Play Harder.


Rikke has 10 years of experience as an poledance teacher and show dancer. She also teaches flex, stripfitness, burlesque and lapdance. Her teaching and choreographies are experimental and original. 

Tabatha is RebelStudio's twerker. She has been teaching twerk for the last 3 years. Beside twerk Tabatha is also a passioned pole dance instructor and have been teaching pole dance for the last 6 years. 


Marie started pole dancing in December 2012, and started teaching in January 2013. 


Marie is the founder of the RebelStudio.

She is very energetic and her classes are always high speed and full on. 

Marie is also doing competitions and has competed in both national and international competitions. 



Charlotte has been pole dancing since 2010, and has been part of the Danish pole dance community since the very beginning. She has been a performing artist for many years, and have travelled all over the world, in the quest to learn from some of the best movers of the pole dance scene. Charlotte is a passionated teacher, with a love for detail and flow. During the past 3 years Exotic pole dance has become her very favorite style.  



Pernille is know for her flow and gracefulness. She is experienced instructor and performer. 

She is teaching Aerial dance for all levels. Don't miss her classes because she can find a good and interesting trick for every student.



Ksenia is the owner of the RebelStudio. 

She started pole dance in Russia. She moved to Denmark in 2015.

She has been working from 2014 as instructor in pole dance, stretching and stripfitness and as personal trainer.


Ksenia is very passionate instructor and dancer. She likes to perform and takes part in international competitions. She regularly taking part in workshops and international pole camps to get new knowledges from the best world pole dancers.


She is certified instructor for pole dance, stripfitness/go-go and aerobics


She has experience with different styles: classic choreography, ballroom dance, hip hop, lady style, pole dance.

She is teaching Aerial Dance, Chair Dance, Burlesque, Pole Exotic, Pole Art and Flex. 


RebelStudio ApS
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