We are located in the heart of Nørrebro, have high ceilings and plenty of space around the poles and high qualified instructors. We are all about personality, attitude. and diversity




“You´re Born With Wings- why crawl through life?”

Jessie-Bee's passion is classic pole dance on the spinning pole. Her German mentality shines through in her hard and effective training, yet always done with a smile and a loud wild-child attitude. Jessie-Bee has been pole dancing for 10 years and been teaching more than 6 years. Jessie-Bee combines strength, acrobatics and flow. 
Jessie-Bee has taken several workshops with international polestars and has traveled all over the world with her pole dance. Meet her at Power Pole and Aerial Dance or Flex classes. Jesse-Bee can teach in English, Danish and German.

Work Hard Play Harder.




Rikke has more than 10 years’ experience as a pole dance teacher and show dancer.

Apart from heels and aerial classes she also teaches flex, stripfitness, burlesque, chair and lap dance. You can also meet Rikke at our Special courseds.


Her teaching and choreographies are experimental and original, they are like a little show each time, this leaves you only positive, cheerful and fun feelings.

Meet Rikke at Aerial Dance and DYW classes.

Rikke teaches in English and Danish



Tabatha is RebelStudio's twerker. They have been teaching since 2014.

Besides teaching twerk Tabatha is also a passionated pole dance instructor and they have been teaching pole dance since 2012. They participated in the first Danish National Pole Championship in 2010 and placed 2nd. Tabatha stay inspired by participating in Pole Camps and workshops both in and outside Denmark.

Tabatha encourages their students to explore and experiment when doing tricks, combos or choreographies, as a way to develop a personal style. They want students to use pole and twerk as a way to get to know themselves, grow, and experience the joy of self-expression through movement.


Meet Tabatha at Twerk, Aerial Beginners, Aerial Dance, Flex and personal courses, or book an Individual training with them. Tabatha can teach in English, Danish, Portuguese and to some degree in Spanish.



Diana is a certified instructor with more than 3 year’s experience. She started pole dancing in 2015 with lots of tricks an style art\contemporary. She loves doing all the scary and interesting tricks, but her passion is Exotic, Exotic Hard.


Diana likes her students to feel seen, heard, noticed, accepted and leave the class with a nice feeling of achievement.

Meet Diana at Aerial Dance and Sexy Basic.

Her languages are Danish and English 



Charlotte has been pole dancing since 2010, and has been part of the Danish Pole Dance community since the very beginning.


She has been a performing artist for many years and have travelled all over the world in the quest to learn from some of the best movers of the Pole Dance scene.


Charlotte is a passionate teacher with a love for detail and flow. During the past 4 years Exotic pole dance has become her very favorite style, but you can also meet her at Aerial Dance, Flex, Floor Work or personal courses and Individual trainings. Charlotte teaches in English and Danish.




Olivia is an experienced instructor and performer. She teaches heels for beginners and can find the way for you to feel sexy and sassy through the movement. You can meet Olivia at Sexy basic and Flexibility classes, or book an individual training with her.

Olivia  teaches in English and Danish.




Ksenia is the owner of RebelStudio. She started pole dance in Russia and continued with passion after moving to Denmark in 2015.

She has been working from 2014 as instructor in pole dance, stretching, stripfitness and as a personal trainer.

 Ksenia is a certified instructor and a passionate dancer with a solid technical base. She likes to perform and takes part in international competitions, participates in workshops and international Pole Camps to get more knowledge from the best world pole dancers.

 If you want diversity in your training, she is the person for that: stripfitness/go-go and aerobics, classic choreography, ballroom dance, hip hop, lady style, pole dance, frame up dance styles.

Meet Ksenia at Aerial Dance, Chair Dance, Burlesque, Pole Exotic, Pole Art, Flex and personal courses. Or book an Individual training with her. Ksenia teaches in English, Russian and Danish.




Her pole dance journey started in 2009, and she has been teaching since 2016. 

Aleksandra is certified as a Pole Instructor with the focus on the technical and psychological aspects of teaching. Her training approach is process oriented and at her classes you will be focusing on the right technique, clean execution and details. 

Aleksandra says: "I want to help my students feel their bodies better and understand the connection between the exercises and the results."

Extraverted, open and eager to help you. 

Meet Aleksandra at Aerial Dance, Flex, Pole Art, Exotic and Sexy Basic. Alexandra teaches in English, Danish and Russian.




Valerija is a temporary guest instructor.

She is a professional contemporary dancer and well known performer from Lithuania, with extensive experience in stage, live, TV performances. She is a certified Pole and Flexibility Instructor who continuously broadens her knowledge with dance education and art projects. 

 She is very sweet, passionate and very technical in her dance routines.  

You can meet her at ExoHeels, Aerial Dance, Floor Work, Flex classes or book an individual training with her.


Her languages are English and Russian.

IMG_7088 copy.jpg


Sofie started her dance journey at a dance school, but fell in love with Pole dance in 2017. She is very cheerful and supportive, during her classes you will enjoy the focus on musical rhythm and its development in a dance. 


She says about teaching ”I want to evoke in my class. I want you to feel you belong and get your best out of your class”.

 You can meet Sofie at Art and Flex. Her languages are Danish and English.




Luise started her Pole dance journey in 2015 and has been very consistent with her trainings. Her goals and passion in pole dance has always been in trick combos or in sexy dancing. She likes to challenge herself and students and to keep a positive mindset at the same time, because she believes that the only limitations are the ones that we set in our minds.


Luise likes her classes to be joyfull and focused, while praising progress and achieving goals. Meet her at Aerial Dance, Flex and Sexy Basic.

Her languages are Danish and English.




Anastasia has a big experience as a dancer and performer. She started pole dancing 7 years ago and is known for her gracious lines and gentle choreographies.

Anastasia combines low-flow, aerial tricks and solid pole technique into a beautiful combination of moves.

You can meet her at Aerial Beginner, or via private lessons in person and through Zoom. 

Anastasia teaches in English, Danish and Russian.