To get to the studio, please follow these instructions:

  1. When you come to the Esromgade 15, all gates are usually closed after 14.00 on weekdays and during the weekend. To open, please call us using our ring bell system. You can find RebelStudio in the list or use our office #2406, don’t forget to press button with the bell and wait until we will open the gate:

2. When you are in, please go to Opgang 2 (That’s the door with big blue “2” on it at the very corner of the building). To find it, follow the blue signs on the ground:

3. Before 14.00 on weekdays you can use the elevators, after 14.00 and during the weekend please use door to the stairs. You will need to go to the 4th floor. To open door to the stairs, enter code #2604 here:

If it doesn’t work, use the ring bell system in the same way used to open the gates:

If you have any problems call us: +45 26271599

RebelStudio ApS
Esromgade 15, OPG. 2, 4.sal
2200 København N

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