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Esromgade 15, OPG. 2, 4.sal
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Class descriptions

Sexy basic:

If you're new to heels or just new to pole dance, this class is perfect for you. In 55 minutes you will be guided through a light choreography with the most basic and used movements. If you are a more experienced dancer, you will also have benefits from Sexy Basic, as the class also can be used as basic training. The class can be danced in shorts or leggins.


Flexibility is an important element if you want to be an elegant pole dancer. On flex classes we will do a good warming, so you are ready for the class. Each flex class will have a focus, eg. middlesplit.

Dance Your Way:

In 55min you will learn a whole choreography. On each Dance Your Way you will learn a new routine. Shoes are always welcome, but Dance Your Way can be danced in shorts or leggins.

Aerial Dance:

On this class we go though the technics of climbing, going upside down and many more! The class is "all levels"! 

Pole Art:

During these classes we will learn how to tell the story via dancing and express different emotions. It is "all level" class, without heels.

Free Aerial:

Self-training in the studio. There will be an instructor present, but you are responsible for your own warm up and structure of training.