Sexy Basic:

If you're new to heels or just new to Pole Dance, this class is perfect for you. In 55 minutes you will be guided through an easy choreography (usually with the pole) with the most basic and frequent movements, the focus is on moving in a sexy way. If you are a more experienced dancer, you will also have benefits from Sexy Basic, as the class also can be used as a basic training. You can wear shorts or leggings to the class.


Exotic Pole:

This is a special class with a famous Pole Dance style named “Russian Exotic. Usually all levels are welcome. During the class you will learn an approximately 1-minute choreography, it can be dance flow with or without tricks depending on the specific instructor’s style.

Exotic Basic Technique class is for those who want to work with the base of ''Russian Exotic" and improve quality of movements.

The difference from Sexy Basic is in the specification of movements, sequences and the message expressed while dancing. And it can be more challenging.

You can wear leggings or shorts. High heels and knee pads are “must have” elements. But if you don't have heels, you can start with socks :)


Flexibility is an important element whether you want to be an elegant pole dancer or just move freely. During the flex class we’ll do a good warmup so you are ready, and a set of specified exercises will follow. Each flex class will have a focus: middle split, front split, back flexibility and other. 

Floor Work :

This class is aimed only at floor moves, tricks or choreography. In 55min you will learn a whole sequence of moves or a choreo. It´s easier to have your body covered when moving and sliding across the floor surface, but what you wear is up to you. Heels are often welcome as there can be different styles, but knee pads are a “must have” element. 

Aerial Dance:

During this class we go through the technics of climbing, going upside down and many more! The class can be “beginner”, “intermediate”, ''advanced'' or "mix levels". For tricks class you should have shorts and Sports Bra or tank top. 

If you never tried Pole Dance, we recommend you to start with Aerial Beginner class.

Pole Art:

During this class we will learn how to tell a story and express different emotions via dancing. It is an "all level" class, without heels. 

Free Aerial:

Self-training in the studio. Usually there will be an instructor present, but you are responsible for your own warm-up and structure of the training.


During this class you will have a warmup and the twerk techniques explained. This is followed by a choreography or a sequence. The teacher will brief you about shoe choice depending on the type of choreography. Clothing should be comfortable for shaking and active movement, you can bring sneakers.


Workout and Power Pole:

These two classes are aimed at building your strength without the pole (Workout) and with the Pole (Power Pole). Experienced trainers will share their sets of exercises and will help you control your execution of them. It is an all level class, meaning that you don’t have to be strong in advance, just let the trainer know your level at the beginning of the class. 

Chair Dance, StripDance and lap dance:

From time to time you can also find extra dance classes/courses without pole in our schedule. All levels are welcome. These classes are also available for private sessions or bachelor parties.


Online Teaching:


We give personal trainings online and can offer you a variety of tutorials for the flexibility, pole dance and floor choreography on our educational platform.




This is a 1.5 hours session with a specialized focus on choreography or tricks from our domestic or invited instructors. Rebel Studio continuously organize workshops and facilitate famous international trainers to offer opportunities for personal growth to our students and instructors from all over the Copenhagen Pole Dance community.

We usually teach classes in English or Danish. If you don't speak Danish all instructors can switch to English. We have an international team, some of our instructors also can speak Russian, German and Portuguese.