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Bachelor and Bachelorette, Birthday Party, or Team Building

Are you planning a Hen, Bachelor, or Birthday Party? Maybe you are looking for Corporate or Team Building Event?

Do you wish to meet up your friends in a unique way combined with some new and surprising activities?

RebelStudio offers a unique experience that can bring out a totally different side in your friends and colleagues than what you’ve seen before.

In the Pole Dance Party Class all participants are going to learn basic spins and static tricks on the pole. There'll be plenty of laughter as participants put themselves in even more compromising positions and encourage each other to be more daring in their attempts to become a true pole dancing star. If everyone feels confident with the moves, the group is going to build up a small choreography in the focus of the bride or otherwise celebrated person. At the end of the class, the group is able to perform a pole dance routine.
Pole Dance Party Class is quite hard work, but our instructors have more than enough experience to tailor the party to suit the group’s fitness levels.



1000kr per hour for group up to 4 persons. +150kr for each additional participant (all prices incl. VAT).


In case if you want to organize a big event with a show from our dancers, please let us know 1-2 months before the event and can be done at the studio (max 60 people). Price depends on how many shows/dancers will perform and how long it will be. We will be able to calculate the price based on your wishes.


For more information, timing and planning please contact us on

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Q: Is it only about pole dance?

A: No. We also offer private parties in: Twerk, Lap dance, Burlesque, StripFitness, Latina Mix, Retro Disco, body ballet but are open to most ideas. Send us a mail to discuss.


Q: What to wear?

A: Shorts or hot pants are best to grip the pole and a sports top. High heels are fun if you wish. It is recommended to bring warm up gear like leggings/ track pants and sweaters. Knee pads could be an advantage.

Please do not use any lotion or oils on skin 24hrs before your event as this may cause you to slip. 

No bracelets, necklaces or rings, please.

Q: What’s Included?

  • The beautiful studio with high ceilings at the heart of Norrebro

  • Instruction from an experienced dance instructor

  • Fun warm up

  • Learn basic spins, moves and tricks on the pole

  • Short choreography

  • Group photo (our instructors are always happy to assist so please don’t be shy)


Q: What about guys?

A: No limitations! Everyone should have fun. Bring your friends and come to our studio ;)

We usually teach classes in English or Danish.

If you don't speak Danish all instructors can switch to English. We have an international team, some of our instructors also can speak Russian, German and Portuguese.

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