Photoshoots and professional light

You can order a photoshoot at our studio.

We have big experience with Pole Dance photoshoots. Studio and special equipment rent are also included into the price.

If you want extra makeup or rent a costume for the photo package where its are not included into the price, please send us a message and we can agree on how to help you with it.

Package “Basic”:


Price: 800 DKK


  • studio rent for 30min.;

  • extra Spotter;

  • 5 edited pictures*;

  • all other good pictures unedited;


Package “Standard”


Price: 1300 DKK


  • studio rent for 60min.;

  • extra Spotter;

  • help with Posing and Ideas;

  • 10 retouched pictures*;

  • all other good pictures unedited;


Package “Fully Rebel”


Price: 1650 DKK


  • Poses Mood - board, pre-photoshoot discussion;

  • studio rent for 80min.;

  • makeup help;

  • outfit help (up to 4 changes during the shoot);

  • extra spotter;

  • 15-20 retouched pictures of different style*;

  • all other good pictures unedited.



*retouch type is agreed and discussed before the shoot


**if you wish additional photos to be retouched, you can get it for 25 DKK per photo.