We regularly have in our schedule 4/6/8 weeks courses. During such course you will learn full choreo and after it is possible to perform with your group on our Pole Shows.

On the 13th of December you can see performances of our Pole Art, Pole Exotic and Burlesque and Twerk groups.

Don't miss a chance to buy next courses for January-March with discount during our PoleDance Show!

From 13th of January we start our next 8 weeks courses. All participants can perform with their group on our Pole Dance Show on 6th of March.


You can book your spot till the EOD 13th of January.


- Pole Exotic 8 weeks course

- High Level Pole Dance 8 weeks course

- Twerk and Chair 8 weeks course

To book your spot write to rebel@rebelstudio.dk

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