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Welcome to RebelStudio, to have a good time and safe trainings we will ask you to follow next simple rules:

1. Please come 5 mins before the class. If the class has already started, your instructor can close the door, and people who came later will be allowed to attend only the next class. It is important for your safety, as skipped warm-up could be a reason for injuries!

2. Please don't use body lotion before pole classes.

3. You are allowed to use dry hands, chalk, or wax.  Please, take care of the next student and clean the pole when you finish.

4. If you need to put a pole in a static or spinning mode, ask the instructor!

5. Ask the instructor for instructions on how to use the sound system, if you want to use your own during Free Aerial or renting

6. Students should do only tricks that the instructor shows during a class. Please, don't interrupt instructors - don't do tricks without support or crash mat if you are not sure about the technique. 

7. Inform your instructor at the beginning of the class if you have injuries or have medical restrictions.

8. It isn't allowed to join the class just to watch others train. To see performances, please attend our Show Evening night.

9. Members are allowed to keep one pair of shoes, knee pads, and dry hands at the studio. No dirty clothes, please! 

10. Students can use towels, glasses, tea, and coffee for free. Please put dirty towels in a special box after the class.

11. Please don't enter a dance hall in outdoor shoes.

12. Please don't touch mirrors, and don't bring food to the dance hall, let's keep it clean together.

13. Mobile phones could be used only when the instructor allows you to take pictures and videos. Please make sure other students don't mind being on the video, before you start filming

14. All members and active clip card students can ask for access to our closed students' group on Facebook. There you can find interesting and actual information (regarding workshops/cancellations/shoe orders etc); you can also sell there your shoes or pole clothes. You must get approval from the administrator if you want to post an advertisement 

You can also read below for more details about how clip cards and memberships work.

Additional Rules were added because of COVID-19 situation:

  1. Please keep your distance and do not forget about all basic corona rules. If you feel sick, please, do not come to train and send us an email. 

  2. In the big hall you will see lines around poles, please stay in your square. Use closest to your pole bottle of cleaner and put it in the same place after use. During flex classes please also stay in your square, now we will have only 9 spots for flex and all pole classes.

  3. We kindly ask you, if it is possible, to come already in your training wear. If you need to change, please keep your distance, you also can use the toilets or put your leggings, etc. on in the big hall.

  4. Wash your hands, and keep your clothes and body clean. In the toilets, you can wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. We also have sanitizer in the elevator. In case there are no sanitizers in the toilet, we will also have some at the studio.

  5. Equipment: It is highly recommended to use your own yoga mat. If you need to store it at the studio, you can do it, do not forget to write your name on it. Do not forget to clean it, even if it is yours! We will have a limited number of studio mats for every day, ask the instructor if you can get one if you don’t have yours.

  6. We cannot guarantee that we always will have an available clean mat, and we hope that most people will use their own mats. Same for towels, it is better if you have your own 2 towels (for body and pole). We still will have ours, but it is not allowed to share!

  7. The class duration is 55 mins. After the class, windows and doors should be opened, and the instructor will check that the next group came into changing room area. All who finished their training clean poles and mats after use. After 5 mins, you go to the changing room and the next group enters the big hall. Please keep your distance and don't create queues. If we see that 10 mins break doesn’t work, we will make it longer.

  8. Please listen to your instructor with attention, because now we should avoid contact as much as possible. Give a sign to the instructor if you have a question. Don’t talk when the instructor talks. If the instructor asked to work on your left side, please do your left side, it is important to be coordinated to save proper distance, etc 😊 Instructors will mostly look at you and give comments without touching.



We will start from the base, even if you already advanced, first several weeks we will not learn new difficult material, we need to remember the base and prepare our body for difficult tricks after a long break! Those who were intermediate-advanced, Aerial Dance (mixed level) and Aerial intermediate are for you. Those who are beginners, go to beginners and mix level classes.

Clip Card

  1. You can use a clip card for all classes from the schedule besides workshops and closed courses

  2. Valid for 3 or 6 months, depending on the type of clip card. You can find the expiration date in your account under the tab "Membership information"

  3. Not refundable, not transferable to other people


How to activate a clip card:

  • Register at the booking system, you can find a link on the website, or ask the administration

  • During registration choose a clip card and fill in all data which the system will ask

  • Check your email, you will get a login and password. Now you can book classes. It is a good idea to add the booking system URL to bookmarks on your mobile phone

  • Cancel the class 4 hours before the start in the booking system, and you will save your clip!

  • The system will ask you to pay with a card during registration

  • If there are fewer than 3 people registered for the class, you will get a cancellation email 4 hours before the class start. If the class was canceled, your clip will be returned back to your account


  1. You can book all classes from the schedule besides special 6-8 week courses;

  2. You can book an unlimited number of classes per month;

  3. The binding period is 2 months;

  4. You can freeze your membership if you are unable to attend classes for some time. The administration fee is 99 dkk. To freeze your membership please write an email to and state the freezing period. If you want to freeze it from the next month, you need to send a mail before the 14th day of the month;

  5. You can stop your membership when the binding period is finished. To cancel your membership, please write an email to If you want to cancel it from the next month, you need to send a mail before the 14th day of the month. Otherwise, we will be able to stop it only a month after. Example: if you want to stop it from 1st of June, you need to send a mail latest on 14th of May. In other case, your membership will be stopped from the 1st of July

How to activate your membership:

  • Register in the booking system. You can find a link on the website, or write an email to

  • During the registration, choose a membership and fill in the requested data

  • Check your email. You will get a login and password to book classes. It is a good idea to add the booking system URL to bookmarks on your mobile phone

  • If you can’t join the class, cancel it in the booking system 4 hours before the class start. If you have not canceled it on time, you will get a fee of 49 DKK per missed class.

  • After the 15th day of the month, you will get a bill from the studio via NETS, you can sign for automatic payment from your bank account

  • If there are fewer than 3 people registered for the class, you will get a cancellation email 4 hours before the class start. If you are a clip card holder, your clip will be returned to your account in case a class is cancelled

Trial Class

A trial class costs 50 DKK and is valid for one month. This option is available in our booking system when you go through the registration process, for those who are booking a class for the first time. Booking/cancellation rules are the same as for a drop-in class/1 clip. 

If you show up in the studio without registration, a class costs 100 DKK. You can still claim your trial class for 50 DKK next time after completing the registration in the booking system. 

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