Welcome to RebelStudio! :)

If you want to buy a Clip Card (Klippekort) or a Drop-in, you can pay by card on our web site (use links below). After payment, please register in our booking system with this link



Registration process:

1. Enter your CPR

2. On Step 2 choose type of membership (monthly Membership/Klippekort/Drop-in)

3. Fill in your data for account creation, we need to have your actual email address to send you info, if class was cancelled or if you got your spot in case of waiting list.

4. If you did payment via web site or mobile pay, your payment will be linked to your account after creation.

Payments for monthly membership are going via NETS.


You can read more about membership and klippekort in studio rules.

If you have problems during the registration, don't have CPR or have any other questions, please write through the website (use link below) or use our email rebel@rebelstudio.dk

Click "I wanna join" to become a member.

kr 539,00