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Dance Classes

Floor Work, Twerk, Lap Dance

Floor Work 

This class is aimed only at floor moves, tricks or choreography. In 55min you will learn a whole sequence of moves or a choreo. It´s easier to have your body covered when moving and sliding across the floor surface, but what you wear is up to you. Heels are often welcome as there can be different styles, but knee pads are a “must have” element. 

Chair Dance, Strip Dance and Lap dance

From time to time you can also find extra dance classes/courses without pole in our schedule. All levels are welcome. These classes are also available for private sessions or bachelor parties.




During this class you will have a warmup and the twerk techniques explained. This is followed by a choreography or a sequence. The teacher will brief you about shoe choice depending on the type of choreography. Clothing should be comfortable for shaking and active movement, you can bring sneakers.

We usually teach classes in English or Danish.

If you don't speak Danish all instructors can switch to English. We have an international team, some of our instructors also can speak Russian, German and Portuguese.

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