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Private Classes

Have a Rebel Instructor all to yourself

Private Class

Available for 1 or 2 people at once.


How to Book


  • Choose your Instructor;

  • Choose time and date preference if you have any;

  • Choose class type (pole sport, exotic, sexy basic, flex, twerk, floor work); 

  • Write us a direct message on instagram or e-mail about your Private Class wish.


We will arrange it on the same day.


Why would you need a private class at all


  • You would like to learn a choreography or a trick or get a flex class with finest details and 100% instructor attention and support;

  • You would like to get help preparing for competition or any other stage performance;

  • You would like to prepare to make a Photoshoot or record the video for youtube, instagram, your own archive.

  • You would like to master tricks or certain choreo from a specific Rebel Instructor;


  • For members:1 class 500 dkk, 450 dkk (if you buy 4 classes)

  • No members: 1 class 550 dkk, 500 dkk (if you buy 4 classes)


If you have any questions, send us a message to get more details.


Online Teaching


We give personal trainings online and can offer you a variety of tutorials for the flexibility, pole dance and floor choreography on our educational platform. 




This is a 1.5 hours session with a specialized focus on choreography or tricks from our domestic or invited instructors. Rebel Studio continuously organize workshops and facilitate famous international trainers to offer opportunities for personal growth to our students and instructors from all over the Copenhagen Pole Dance community.

We usually teach classes in English or Danish.

If you don't speak Danish all instructors can switch to English. We have an international team, some of our instructors also can speak Russian, German and Portuguese.

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